Philadelphia Adopts Trans Inclusive Bill

A landmark trans inclusive bill was passed into law by the Philadelphia City Council, two weeks after passing through committee, amending the city’s current Fair Practice Ordinance.

Included within the legislation are two new tax credits for employers which provide LGBTQ friendly healthcare insurance coverage, a requirement that all new and renovated Philadelphia City-owned buildings contain gender-neutral bathrooms, a provision which prohibits businesses from not allowing patrons to use the bathroom facilities which are consistent with their gender identity, the removal of gendered terms from city forms, and a prohibition of employers denying their workers the right to dress in a way consistent with their gender identity.

The tax credits created by the new legislation are the Life Partner Health Benefits Tax, which provides a tax credit to businesses that offer health insurance to domestic partners’ and children of same sex couples, and the Trans-Care Health Benefits Tax Credit, which benefits businesses which offer health insurance that covers trans-related medical needs.

The measure passed by a vote of 14-3, making Philadelphia one of the most trans friendly cities in the country. Philadelphia trans activist, Kathy Padilla, was quoted as saying that once signed, the bill makes Philadelphia, “[the] first city on the East Coast to remove transgender discrimination from its employee health plan.”

Councilman Bill Green was the lone democrat who opposed the bill, along with two Republican members of City Council, David Oh and Bill Green.

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