Announcing the Time to Rise Campaign



Announcing the Time to Rise Campaign
Establishing the Center for LGBTQ Pennsylvania

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Our recent win of marriage equality in Pennsylvania is wonderful, but does not in the least mean our work is done. LGBTQ people across the commonwealth continue to experience desperate circumstances of discrimination, poverty, and violence, especially queer and trans youth.

And that is why three years ago young LGBTQ advocates banded together to form the Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition. PSEC has become a fierce advocate by and for LGBTQ youth in our state – uniting thousands of young activists for social justice. Specifically we have championed the Pennsylvania Safe Schools Act which has become the most co-sponsored safe schools bill in state history with over 100 legislators in support. The LGBTQ youth movement in Pennsylvania has never been stronger.

However, the LGBTQ equality movement in PA is stalled for future success without a formal headquarters in Harrisburg to provide critically needed working space. As students we are losing precious time and resources with repeated treks to Harrisburg from our homes on campuses across the state. Our key advocates need to have a base of operations. The Bayard Rustin House: Pennsylvania’s Youth Action Center will provide a centralized home for effective young activists to design and advance policies that will promote a more affirming commonwealth.


The time is now for us to make a serious investment in the LGBTQ movement of Pennsylvania. A headquarters will allow us to increase our capacity and win on issues such as non-discrimination, hate crimes, transgender rights, homeless youth, and foster care.

The Pennsylvania Youth Action Center will allow advocates direct access to lawmakers and community stakeholders. Other movements with influence in our state government have a substantial headquarters next to the Capitol. Every meaningful movement has a home.

This is why we are asking our closest allies, you, our friends and family, to ensure the Bayard Rustin House becomes a reality.
With your support, tangible change for young LGBTQ Pennsylvanians will be realized.

We need to raise an initial $30,000 for the center’s down payment. Every contribution is critically important to opening our doors. This will not happen without your help.

You can help ensure LGBTQ youth are authentically represented in Harrisburg. We know firsthand the hardships facing young Pennsylvanians. PSEC has already made sure LGBTQ youth are no longer invisible in state policy work. Investing in the Bayard Rustin House now will allow us to further develop innovative solutions to our most pressing challenges.

At the heart of every successful social justice movement is a thriving core of young activists dedicated to change. We have the activists. Help us make that change.

The Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition

The Bayard Rustin House will be used for the following purposes:


  • Campaign planning amongst regional and state young LGBTQ advocates
  • Private strategic planning meetings for executive youth leaders
  • Space to facilitate trainings for rising leaders, professional development for current advocates
  • Meeting space with key state stakeholders
  • Accommodations for PSEC advocates to stay overnight while coming to Harrisburg for meetings with legislators and government officials.
  • Space for meetings with legislators and community
  • Office space for headquartering the organization and movement
  • Open space for established LGBTQ community organizations to have key meetings for free, as community support continues
  • Space for the physical archives of the statewide LGBTQ movement – basement. Log it before it before history before important details are forgotten
  • Space for PSEC events and programs in Harrisburg – for fundraising, education, and community engagement[/checklist]

The Future Bayard Rustin House

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