Butler County Family Subject to Anti-LGBTQ Vandalism

The Namey family in Sarver, Butler County, has been subject to two major acts of vandalism on their property this week, which the local police as well as the FBI are investigating as hate crimes. On Tuesday, the family woke up to find their son’s pick-up truck vandalized with pink paint, key marks, coins glued to the hood in the shape of a middle finger, tobacco spit juice dumped in the back, and the word “think,” carved into the paint.

John Namey initially thought the vandalism was the result of neighborhood kids acting out, but when he found a swastika burnt into their yard, he began to suspect that the damage was aimed at his oldest daughter, who is openly gay. His 16 year old daughter, who came out three years ago, faced so many threats of violence from her peers on the school bus, she no longer rides the bus to school.

The Namey family is not Jewish.

The FBI is reviewing the case to see if any federal laws have been violated. WTAE news reported that the perpetrators of the vandalism, when caught, will be charged with felony offenses.

namey2There have been multiple incidents this year of hate crime vandalism aimed at LGBTQ individuals across the United States. Last month in Los Angeles, a man’s car windows were smashed, tires popped, and the word “gay” was keyed into the vehicle. In March, an LGBTQ community leader in Kentucky had a swastika drawn on his car.

The Namey family says that they refuse to be intimidated. John told WTAE News, “We’re not a family who lives in fear. We’ll find out who did this, and they’ll be prosecuted.” John said his daughter is not going to let the incident change who she is.

The KSV will post updates as they become available.


One thought on “Butler County Family Subject to Anti-LGBTQ Vandalism

  1. I applaud this family for their bravery. I commend the young lady’s family for supporting her through what has proven to be a very tough time. The actions of the vandals say so much about the ignorance of bigotry and the petty fears of the vandals. The only word I can think of to describe these vandals is — gutless.

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