Scranton Native to Lead Outserve/SLDN

Allyson Robinson has just been selected to become the new Executive Director of Outserve/SDLN.

The two largest organizations working on behalf of LGBTQ servicemembers is set to merge this month. Following the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the groups see a stronger future together as one force.

Allyson is a native of Scranton, PA and has become a visible leader in the national LGBTQ equality movement. She recently finished a several year post at the Human Rights Campaign as the Associate Director for Diversity.

Allyson was the keynote speaker last year for TransCentral PA’s Keystone Conference in Harrisburg. Also a Scranton native is Mara Keisling, who is the founding Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality. Allyson has now become the first trans person to be the Executive Director of a national LGBTQ organization that is not trans-specific.

We sincerely appreciate the groundbreaking leadership on the national level by Pennsylvanians. There is important work to be done to secure the equal access and safety of all servicemembers – certainly with the advocacy ahead to allow trans members to serve openly and with pride. With Allyson at the helm, we look forward to great progress ahead.

Here is Allyson’s welcome video – featuring several national LGBTQ leaders including HRC’s Chad Griffin and Sue Fulton of Knight’s Out:

Jason Landau Goodman is a student at the University of Pennsylvania and the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition. He can be reached at

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